Each Spring, the Board’s Nominating Committee sends an open call to all GPBOR members requesting annual Officer and Director nominations. Applicants must be members in good standing with GPBOR and agree to commit to the position’s requirements. All forms are reviewed and nominee interviews may be required.  A Slate of Officers and Directors is then prepared, which must be approved at our Annual Meeting in September. New Directors must complete a new Director orientation program.  GPBOR is strongly committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all individuals regardless of race, color, sex (including pregnancy and sexual harassment), disability, ancestral origion, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression and age.  This policy of equal opportunity applies to all aspects of the Association’s activities and programs including employment practices, membership policies and volunteer appointments.


Photo of Mike Pereira

Mike Pereira


Photo of Rita Danielle Steele

Rita Steele


Photo of Kevin Shepherd

Kevin Shepherd


Photo of John Moretti

John Moretti

Corporate Secretary


Photo of Samuel Alba

Samuel Alba

Photo of Victoria Doran

Ashley Almeida

Photo of Agueda Del Borgo

Agueda Del Borgo

Photo of Samantha Durand

Samantha Durand

Photo of Brenda Marchwiki

Brenda Marchwicki

Photo of Salvatore Moio

Sal Moio

Photo of Don Parsons

Don Parsons

Photo of Matthew Phipps

Missie Rose

Photo of Tim O'Keefe

Robert Rutley

Photo of Rickard Smith

Rickard Smith

Photo of Diana Kryston

Hilda Vargas

Photo of Aleen Weiss

Aleen Weiss